Sunday, January 6, 2008

Baby Clothes

I love to make baby clothes! All requests are welcome!!

This was a very fun project: to turn the dad's old jersey into a newborn-sized one for his new son! I removed some of the patches from the old one and sewed them onto the baby jersey for the look of authenticity. I also made sure to center the baby sleeves over the numbers on the dad's sleeves. He was very excited about how it turned out!

A Baby Jersey can be yours for $30! (You provide the old jersey for sentimentality! Or the cost is $35, if I provide the fabric.)

This little outfit was made for a friend's baby blessing. I used her McCall's Christening pattern. This outfit costs $35. A more complicated pattern would cost more. Price is negotiable.


The Shirleys said...

Michelle, have you ever done dresses for baby blessings? We are having a girl in Nov. and I still haven't decided what I want to use for her blessing.

Made by Michelle said...

I've made baby dresses, not specifically for blessings, but yes, I can do it! I have always wanted to do a dress for a baby blessing!

LilDox said...

Hey Michelle I am looking for a onsie with British flag on it any ideas have you seen an iron on design of that flag anywhere?

christina marie said...

Im looking for a dallas cowboys diaper bag you made I want to order it but cant find how to order it. All I find is the picture

Made by Michelle said...

Hi Christina Marie,

Sorry for the confusion! You can email me at to place an order.